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Posted by Administrador FBH on 05 October 2013 10:38 PM

 Estados Unidos (877) 324-6380 (TOLL FREE)

                                   Support 4

                                   Sales 3

                                   Billing 5

Colombia Bogota +57 14263879

                                   Soporte 7

                                   Ventas 6

                                   Administracion 8

Colombia Otras Ciudades 


Mexico +52 5530987607 Extension 2050342

Peru +51 17086967 Extension 2050342

Panama +507 8365027 Extension 2050342

Argentina +54 1159839490 Extension 2050342

España +34 911433484 Extension 2050342

Chile  +56 9 9330 6290

El Salvador +50 321133546 Extension 2050342

Venezuela +58 2127508500 Extension 2050342


Para Otros Paises o Ciudades contactarnos por el chat de o al numero de Estados Unidos que es un numero gratis y puede utilizar Skype para llamarnos.







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Porque utilizar FBHcontrol Web?
Posted by Administrador FBH on 22 August 2013 08:23 PM

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New international PBX numbers
Posted by Ernesto Daza on 05 August 2010 04:31 AM
As of June 2010 we have unified our phone Numbers on one PBX.  Our US customers can call out TOLL FREE number 1(877) FBH-NET0   1 (877) 324-6380. This line will take calls in English and Spanish and anyone can call from the United States using Skype or any phone line or from outside the US you can use Skype or any VOIP that takes Toll free numbers ( This calls won't have any cost to our customes)
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Advances on Version 12 FBHcontrol
Posted by Ernesto Daza on 05 August 2010 03:52 AM

We are very excited to give you an update on the advances on our new version of FBHcontrol. This product is a 100% web based product that has a great number of improvements compared to our older versions. Be prepared for great search system, easy interchange sharing of information and reports between the new version and other common products like Quickbooks, Goggle apps, Excel, PDF, Great communication with POS systems to view and analize your information online. And the best , Great new prices for every bussienses budget .

We expect to release our beta product on September 30 for the US market and on first Quarter 2011 for Latin America. 

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